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IDE-Interface DBox2 Nokia

IDE-Interface DBox2 NokiaExpands your D-Box 2 Nokia to a hard disk receiver (HDD-Receiver) with a SD-Slot and allows the connection of an internal hard drive and a SD card.
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HDD IDE 2.5:

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Features of the IDE-Interface:
  • 40pin IDE-Connector for 3.5" HDD or 2.5" HDD
  • SD-/MMC-Cardreader / read and write to SD-Card, Mini-SD-Card, MicroSD-Card or MMC-Card max. Size 1GB
  • Prepared for the RTC (RealTimeClock) / RealTimeClock for the dbox2
  • 5V power supply onboard - 2A (up to 2Amp short time!) with onboard automatic shutoff to run up to 2x 2.5" HDD and the RTC
  • 5V connection via modem port for 2.5" HDD
  • 3x additional connectors for fan (5V)
  • LED for HDD-activity onboard / Connector for an external LED via solderpoint or connector possible
  • Solder pad or connector for alternative IRQ 6 (needed for a paralell usage of a Multicam)
  • Supports Compact Flash cards via adapter
  • All unused points of the XC95144XL are connectable for future applications
Detailed information about our IDE-Interface and all the features found on our website http://www.dbox2.net/html/hdd-interface.html
Prerequisite for the proper operation of your dbox2 with an HDD interface is a current version of the Linux software.
The IDE-Interface contains the following:
  • IDE-Interface
  • 20 Pin cable to connect to the Modemport
  • 2x Plastic screws M3x12
  • 2x Plastic bolts M3
  • 2x Distance piece 5mm

You can order more optional features or add on's from below:
  • HDD-kit (It contains: Universal HDD Holder for a 2.5" HDD, IDE-Adapter 2.5" to 3.5", IDE cable,  Fitting material for the Installation)
  • RealTimeClock Onboard (RTC)
  • SD-Cards
  • HDD IDE 2.5" (2.5" IDE-Hardrives)
  • Installation (for customers who do not want to install the Interface themselve)
Should you already own a working HDD Interface from another manufacturer we would be able to take this back and would honour you with a one time payment of 10.- Euro.
We will test the old Interface on arrival and give you a credit of 10.- Euro for your next purchase.
A detailed installation instructions can be found on the website http://www.dbox2.net/html/hdd-interface.html
The IDE interface is only for installation in Nokia boxes with 32MB or 64MB ONBOARD suitable. For boxing, with only 16MB ONBOARD, it must also upgrade the RAM to 32MB onboard (Item-No: 2535) or 64MB onboard (Item-No: 2536) are implemented.
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